Naifactory is a creative studio born in 2008 with the launch of its first project: Naif Magazine, an international design and trends publication for contemporary parents with a fresh and contrasted vision of the children’s universe.

Since then, the studio draws from that imaginative and inspiring source, applying and proposing ideas to clients seeking a playful and innovative look at design, ephemeral architecture and creative projects.

Joseán Vilar


I have a degree in Superior Architecture in Valencia and Master in Landscaping in Barcelona. I have worked in studios of architecture in Switzerland, Marseille, Valencia and São Paulo.

I have won architecture awards and built several public buildings, such as schools or cultural centers from my own signature.

In 2012 I start working with ephemeral architecture and I  discover my passion for building ideas with my hands.

I enjoy the process and apply my creativity in projects for festivals, town halls, fairs and events in Europe and Brazil.

I am interested in the transversality between science and design, as well as looking for new roads that lead to construction of a more just, solidary and sustainable society.


Silvana Catazine


Trained in circular materials design in Elisava school and graduate in Graphic Design from the UFPE (Pernambuco, Brazil),  I have worked in advertising and marketing agencies, design studios and editorials.

After I got pregnant, I founded Naif, a design magazine for parents that was distributed in Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, USA …

From the experience in the children’s universe we created the naifactory interdisciplinary design studio. From here, and driven by my interest in environmental issues, I am currently researching and creating circular materials to apply to our product design projects and inspire other designers.           //         instagram:@naifactory_lab           //      +34 658 987 889 / 686 585 719      //         Barcelona